Republicans threaten retaliations, revenge, civil war over Trump search warrant

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‘Donald Trump should be allowed to take whatever national security documents he wants to and scatter them around his for-profit golf resort’ is not what we thought the next civil war would be about, but Republicans are quite animated about it. Yet again.

The first-ever FBI search warrant served against a former U.S. president is still the big news in the country, but we still don’t know much more about it than we did yesterday. Donald Trump took “classified national security documents” from the White House when he left; when those documents were discovered at Mar-a-Lago in early June, Trump seems to have refused to relinquish them, relying on his apparent political power to skirt consequences. Didn’t work out for him.

Today’s news, then, is an absolute boatload of seditionists, aspiring fascists, and Republican lawmakers insisting that this attempt to enforce laws that Donald Trump definitely broke is the precursor to civil war, the sign of a collapsing republic, or evidence of shocking, absolutely shocking (checks notes) politics inside the Department of Justice. Few are willing to declare that Trump didn’t do a crime; Republicans are—as they were before, during, and after two Trump impeachments—instead shouting that consequences for Republican crime-doing are completely unacceptable. It’s … not a movement with a lot of principles. 

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